Hey I am ...

Hanna Hesse

As a Facilitator, Trainer and Coach
people are my most precious source of inspiration.

Supporting people to create a common understanding, collaborate effectively and boost overall project success - this is what I do.

As a moderator, I foster the alignment of different stakeholders and stimulate a goal-centred discussion.

As a workshop facilitator, I hold the space for individual and group processes to emerge with my rich facilitation toolbox at hand.

As a process facilitator, I accompany interdisciplinary groups through the various phases of a project from a team perspective.

As a visualizerI strive to simplify the verbal message through visual artefacts easily understood by everyone at any point in time. For me narrating conversations visually boots communication and understanding within the group and is a key facilitation ingredient.

My background: Agile Methodologies, Non-violent Communication, NLP, Dragon Dreaming

My credos: #Sense-making #Agile Mindset #Collective Creativity

Sharing my expertise and know-how to empower people to work creatively and effectively - this is what I work towards.

As a training expert, I design tailor-made learning journeys that ideally serve the context and the desired outcome while not loosing site of the overall picture and interactive transfer of knowledge.

As a trainer, I create and hold the space for theory and practice, for exchange and feedback as well as for rethinking and self-reflexion. My focus is on intensive knowledge exchange, fun in team work and lasting impact.

As a method expert, I combine theory with my project experiences, best practices and common pitfalls. I support the long-lasting integration and transfer of the newly learnt into the participants' work reality.

My background: Agile Methodology, Self-Organization, Service Design, Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Scrum, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Mindfulness, Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching


Selection of training formats: Employee Experience Design Bootcamp, Certified Service Design Thinking, Customer Journey Mapping, Training the Empathy Muscle, Mindful Leadership


My credos: 

#Human-centeredness is king! 

#Work can be serious fun!

Accompanying teams and individuals to untap their full potential and outgrow - this is my mission.

As an agile coach, I enable individuals as well as teams to apply agile methods in their day-to-day work, be it for self-organized team set-ups, innovation teams or which ever use case you can think of.

As a team coach, I support groups in building their own unique identity, to set up a learning culture, to embrace conflicts and to grow as a team to their full potential.

While coaching individuals, I guide their personal processes be it private- or work-related topics. These can comprise among others: to discover one's intuition and potential, to embrace change, to grow confidently, to live according to your values and to create the life you want that brings you pure enjoyment.

My background: Agile Coaching, New Work, NLP, Positive Psychology, Provocative Coaching, Hypnosystemic Coaching, Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching, Non-violent Communication

My credo:

Everything you seek is already within you. Let's start to uncover!

For all 1:1 Coachings I have my seperate coaching & mentoring business. Feel free to check it out!

References and Collaborations

I work in German (native) and English.